Sunday, September 14, 2008

Worth Considering...

It's Sunday and it's time for a few things I think are worth your time:

Roberts' new and noteworthy tome.

  • Tonight's John Batchelor radio show(s). You can listen via the following outlets -- Sunday in New York, WABC-AM 770 7-10 P ET; Sunday in Washington DC, WMAL-AM 630 7-9P ET; Sunday in San Francisco, KSFO-AM 560 7-10P PT; Sunday in Los Angeles, KFI-AM 640 7-10P PT. (Check local listings and Internet connections for a show near you.) Russell Roberts is slated to be one of Batchelor's guests.

Roberts and Batchelor: Live tonight.

  • Sen. Barack Obama's campaign, while losing in the PR wars to McCain-Palin, has continued to rake in the dough. This past month, he and his VP pick, Joseph Biden, scooped up more than $66 million -- a new record. Remember, "money is the mother's milk of politics" and these babies are staying well-fed. The GOP faithful shouldn't worry too much...they do have some pennies stashed away in jars in the coat closet.
Extra: "Triangulation."

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