Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The real American Sniper

In his own words...

From the Independent Journal Review:

This exchange, three years ago, between comedian and talk show host Conan O’Brien and Chris Kyle shows why the retired Navy SEAL was so beloved. At the time of the interview, Kyle was touring to publicize his book, American Sniper. 
In the nearly-five minute interview, Kyle admits that he wished he had tried out for SEAL Team 6. Considering Kyle was the best sniper in American military history, that comes as a surprise to many.
Conan gets the good-natured Kyle to laugh throughout, asking him about the more than mile-long kill shot Kyle touted in his book. Kyle, in his usual humble way, says he was just a ‘monkey on a gun,’ a suggestion at which O’Brien scoffs.
In a striking show of respect, after Kyle repeatedly addessess Conan as ‘sir’, O’Brien says:
You don’t have to call me, sir. I’m just a talk show host. You’re up here and I’m down here.
The three-year-old interview is a refreshing change from the kind of attention that Kyle has been getting since the movie version of American Sniper hit the screen. Hollywood and media critics have taken pot shots at both Kyle personally, and the movie itself.
Despite criticism, American Sniper continues to shatter box office records. A remarkable, and earned, success that the proud military veteran and humble author deserves.