Thursday, February 27, 2014

Fighting for 'the fundamental rights of free men'...

With a major hat tip to the blog, Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter, from which much of this was taken...

Venezuela is in turmoil. Petty dictators, corruption and evil have put a great people on its collective back.

The people have, understandably, risen-up against the Marxist dirtbags who have run their nation into the ground -- and both sides appear to be fighting a last-ditch battle for their respective survival. The street fighting and crackdowns have been intense and bloody.

The world is watching, but aside from the jackbooted thugs of the Castro regime sending troops and arms to help prop-up the dictator in Caracas, about all the world seems to be doing, is watching.

In an effort to gain international attention and assistance -- not to mention the intercession of Pope Francis, Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo López Mendoza wrote to the Pope. For that, and for his outspoken leadership, he was arrested and jailed.

Below is his message...

Mendoza being arrested by state security officers.

Caracas, February 17, 2014

His Holiness
Pope Francisco
Supreme Pontiff

With deep admiration and full of humility, I ask your blessings to the people of Venezuela in moments of profound difficulty for all Venezuelans hit by the most severe economic crisis, by insecurity accompanied by unleashed impunity and the loss increasingly accelerated of our freedoms for all Venezuelans, especially those of us who have contrary thoughts to those who govern today.

I am writing this letter from the underground and within a few hours of appearing before the manipulated justice of my country, which has issued an arrest warrant attributing against me the crimes of murder and terrorism, for the simple fact of having called our people to exercise our right to protest as it is protected in our Constitution and the fundamental rights of free men. This situation of persecution and criminalization of protest has affected hundreds of youth who have been detained, tortured and subjected to unfounded processes that seek to plant fear and limit the voice of millions of Venezuelans who promote change.

I have taken the audacity to write these lines because I am convinced, as millions are in Venezuela, that your voice, your guidance, and your blessing to our people at this time can make a profound impact on the next destination of our country.

A few years ago I had the opportunity to talk with the Polish leader Lech Walesa, who I asked what was the most decisive event in his years long struggle that culminated with the fall of communism, his response was immediate and very precise: The visit and the message of John Paul II to Poland. 

I understand that the historical circumstances are very different , but like the twilight years of communism in Europe, now in Venezuela we are living in times of deep despair and hopelessness, a word, a sentence, a message from you I'm sure could make a significant impact, the encounter of our people with peace, liberty and democracy.

Chances are when you read this letter I will already be jailed on the orders of Nicolas Maduro; a situation that I 'm willing to take on if in something it contributes to awaken our people on the need to together make a change.

With the mere fact that you read these lines and keep a place in your heart for the Venezuelan people will give us immense strength to move forward, guided by the teachings of Christ our Lord.

Leopoldo López Mendoza

"[S]pare no efforts to promote national reconciliation through mutual forgiveness and sincere dialogue, respect for truth and justice, able to address specific issues for the common good."- Pope Francisco on the current situation in Venezuela, Feb. 26.

"I have taken the audacity to write these lines because I am convinced, as millions in Venezuela , that your voice , your guidance and your blessing to our people at this time can make a profound impact on the next destination of our country."- Leopoldo López Mendoza, Feb. 17.

Original handwritten text in Spanish:

"I pledge allegiance to the flag"...

When patriotism is trumped by political correctness...

Today’s Dariano v. Morgan Hill Unified School Dist. (9th Cir. Feb. 27, 2014) upholds a California high school’s decision to forbid students from wearing American flag T-shirts on Cinco de Mayo.

Lost today in Federal court...

That's right -- we now live in a country where our own flag can be considered "a substantial disruption of or material interference with school activities" and be prohibited on a public school campus, while another nation's flag (Mexico's) can be paraded, hoisted, saluted and celebrated. (See the report below on the original news/events.)

America: It was great while it lasted.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Thursday, February 13, 2014

My, how times change...

About those "Executive Orders," Mr. President...

Remember: He's got "a pen and a phone!"


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Welcome to The Bliss Index Weekend Wrap...

Yes, Nancy Pelosi is clueless. So, what's new?

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) seemed unaware that several of her former staffers have gone on to lobby for big corporations Thursday on The Daily Show. The exchange with Jon Stewart went something like this: 

Pelosi: "I don't know if any of my staffers have gone to work for federal contractors."
Stewart: "I do."


Waiting for something -- anything.

Welcome to "The Recovery" 
When most Americans think of President Obama, only one thing comes to mind ...... Long-term joblessness.

You paid for 'em...

National secrets?
Newspaper: "We'd like to see how much retailers are raking in from the food stamp program."
Obama Administration: "That's none of your business."
Federal court: "We'll see about that."

President Obama signs a bill cutting student loan interest rates.
Unfortunately, no one asked him to "show his work."

Math is hard. 
This just in: There's a program the government has spent boatloads of cash on...but doesn't know how much it costs to do so.
Shocking, right?

"The president lied? I'm shocked!"

No, women don't make only 77 percent of what men in comparable jobs make. It's a long-discredited lie the president told and one that he keeps repeating.

Throwing your hard-earned money down a rathole...

What's $1 billion between friends?
We wasted a ton of money propping-up a corrupt regime in Afghanistan? Surprised?

And with that...have a great week!