Saturday, February 1, 2014

Welcome to The Bliss Index Weekend Wrap...

Yes, Nancy Pelosi is clueless. So, what's new?

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) seemed unaware that several of her former staffers have gone on to lobby for big corporations Thursday on The Daily Show. The exchange with Jon Stewart went something like this: 

Pelosi: "I don't know if any of my staffers have gone to work for federal contractors."
Stewart: "I do."


Waiting for something -- anything.

Welcome to "The Recovery" 
When most Americans think of President Obama, only one thing comes to mind ...... Long-term joblessness.

You paid for 'em...

National secrets?
Newspaper: "We'd like to see how much retailers are raking in from the food stamp program."
Obama Administration: "That's none of your business."
Federal court: "We'll see about that."

President Obama signs a bill cutting student loan interest rates.
Unfortunately, no one asked him to "show his work."

Math is hard. 
This just in: There's a program the government has spent boatloads of cash on...but doesn't know how much it costs to do so.
Shocking, right?

"The president lied? I'm shocked!"

No, women don't make only 77 percent of what men in comparable jobs make. It's a long-discredited lie the president told and one that he keeps repeating.

Throwing your hard-earned money down a rathole...

What's $1 billion between friends?
We wasted a ton of money propping-up a corrupt regime in Afghanistan? Surprised?

And with that...have a great week!

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Anonymous said...

Yes we did (as a nation) throw a huge amount of money at Afghanistan; remind me again who took us there and why we went?