Monday, October 20, 2014

Every Republican running in this next election should thank President Obama...

...for this pre-election soundbite/gift:

From the Washington Post: "A couple weeks ago, President Obama declared that, while he wasn't on the Nov. 4 ballot, his policies were. And just about every GOP candidate in a red or swing state soon launched an ad using that comment to tie his or her Democratic opponent to Obama...While it's the second time Obama has gone down this road, this comment probably stings more than the last one for Democrats running in key Senate races -- almost all of which are in red or swing states where Obama is quite unpopular...While Obama's previous comment suggested the election was indeed something of a referendum on him, these comments suggest not only that, but that Democratic candidates are actually on-board with him -- something most of them have made pains to argue is not the case...Obama's comments are the kind of thing Democrats might privately say to assure donors, but wouldn't really say in public."

Just a few more weeks...

Thursday, October 2, 2014


Finally, someone gets it...

And that person is Elbert Guillory, a Louisiana State Senator and candidate for Lt. Governor in 2015 who famously switched to being a Republican. Currently, he's giving U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu a run for her money -- which is no small thing, considering Louisiana is a solidly blue state.

As the respected blog Legal Insurrection points out, "This ad is brilliant, and every strategist needs to get on its level immediately. Real Clear Politics has the Louisiana Senate Race listed as a toss up, and the last thing a candidate like Landrieu needs is an ad contrasting her life of relative privilege with life on Academy Street. The winning message for 2014 isn’t 'Democrats are bad.' The winning message is, “these things that are happening to you are bad, and I know how to fix it.' This ad is what that messaging looks like."


(h/t: Legal Insurrection)