Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Before I Go Any Further...

Let me introduce you to a new blog from an old friend, Steve Harvey.

Steve Harvey.

Steve not only has a the solid journalism bona fides, but he also distinguished himself during his decades at the Los Angeles Times with two solid, regular features:
  • "Only in L.A.," which was a collection of offbeat and often funny items that he and readers collected throughout their travels (and travails) in Los Angeles. It was often the most-read column in the Times.
  • "The Bottom Ten" -- If you're familiar with the typical, pro forma newspaper sports columns examining and extolling the Top Ten teams in college and pro football then you'll understand Steve's take on "the worst of the worst." Each week, the column (which also was syndicated for a while) takes a humorous poke at the cellar-dwellers. Like "Only in L.A.," "The Bottom Ten" is filled with quirky observations and cracks.
So, welcome to the blogosphere, Mr. Harvey. I know your presence will make it a better "place."

Extra: "The Best of Only in L.A.: A Chronicle of the Amazing, Amusing and Absurd," by Steve Harvey, is a great read...much fun. I highly recommend it.

The book.

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