Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Scenes From A Convention

We're still waiting for tonight's activities to kick off, so to help tide you over I offer a few random photos from the Xcel Energy Center (site of the convention):

It's lonely in there: The "Hurricane Information Center,"
which was created to help delegates and media types keep
up with Hurricane Gustave has mostly become a place to
pickup/send emails and do a little Web browsing.

Voting with their feet: Vendors outside the Xcel Center hawk
their wares, which just happen to be flip-flops festooned with
Barack Obama and John McCain heads on them.

Interviewing the interviewer: PajamasMedia's Roger Simon
(right) does a sit-down with national radio host Hugh Hewitt
for PajamasTV -- the group's newest new media venture.

Product placement: It's a bit difficult to see from this shot,
but convention organizers put MSNBC's skybox (top row, left)
right next to Al Jazeera's. The geography isn't lost on anyone.

Bully!: A Teddy Roosevelt impersonator outside the Xcel
Center gives a reporter a bit of historical background.

With "the dean of the D.C. press corps": Your lucky scribe
meets up with The Washington Post's David Broder.

Extra: Over at the Target Center, Rep. Ron Paul, former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura, a few John Birchers and assorted others have drawn a pretty big crowd for the Rally For The Republic. I don't have an attendance figure yet, but I've been watching the speeches. Needless to say, there are a lot of angry and frustrated people out there. Ventura's got the crowd pretty whipped up right now -- not so much that they want to do what the anarchists did in St. Paul yesterday, but the dissatisfaction is palpable. Some polls show that if Ventura wanted to run for the U.S. Senate seat being chiefly contested by Norm Coleman (R-Minn.) and Al Franken (D-SNL), he'd stand a very good chance of winning.

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