Tuesday, September 2, 2008

More Scenes From The Convention

From Tuesday night's session:

W speaks: The convention belongs to John McCain but
President George W. Bush received enthusiastic applause
throughout his televised speech from the White House.

Mrs. W speaks: Mrs. Bush -- that small dot on the stage --
took a few moments to talk about her husband's accomplishments.
Like her husband, she was warmly received by the audience.

Speaking of McCain: Former senator Fred Thompson
makes a pitch for Sen. McCain in a speech that heavily
referenced the Arizona senator's "courage" and "character."

Lookouts: As the convention was beginning this evening,
a group of about 1,000 protesters marched toward the
Xcel Center. They were met by police and barricades, and
there was no repeat of the previous day's problems.

At the ready: Police stand ready for the protesters
approaching the convention site.

Extra: The following photos are a quick look at some media-related matters here at the convention.

The CNN Grill: Yes, CNN actually created its own grill
directly across from the Xcel Center. This way they have
their own dining facility, it's used for VIP parties, and
interviews are conducted in an informal setting there.

Home to the ink-stained wretches: Home away from
home for most of us is a not-very-luxurious set-up in
the basement of the adjoining Wilkins Auditorium. Oh, well,
it's better than nothing.

The laugh of the convention: MSNBC's booth is located in
the worst spot inside the convention center...and it's next
to Al Jazeera's (which has an only slightly better location).

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RWS said...

How fun and refreshing to get some truly "off the beaten path" news reports from the convention!