Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Pink Ladies

It's just not a political convention or rally unless the ladies (and their male friends) from Code Pink show pink, of course. There's lots of singing, sign waving, some civil disobedience and, of course, lots of pink.

Today's rally outside the Xcel Energy Center included the usual chants and what looked to be three arrests. The ladies went quietly -- except whenever a GOP delegate would walk by the "booking" area and the Code Pinkers would shout at them to "put peace at the top of the platform!"

And now, the Pink Ones...

Take two: Two Code Pink ladies are questioned by police
on the way to being booked. They went peacefully.

Cuffed but poised enough to pose: When I
focused on the subject, she interrupted the
officer and struck a pose for all the photogs.

Marching on: The Code Pink ladies march on Rice Park,
where MSNBC broadcasts many of its shows during the

More Code Pink people marching in Rice Park.

Protesters voicing a number of concerns join Code Pink
in Rice Park outside the site of the GOP convention.

"This is what democracy sounds like!": One of the rallying
cries of the protesters rings true. Hundreds of voices
representing a variety of different -- sometimes competing --
causes filled St. Paul's Rice Park prior to today's sessions.

Queen for a day: Code Pink leader Medea Benjamin (wearing
the crown) leads fellow Code Pinkers in a march in St. Paul.

Extra: Some of the photos I've shot here at the convention will be used on FOX NEWS' "Fox & Friends" tomorrow morning. The photos are scheduled to air at 6:30am ET / 5:30 am CT. The timing is subject to change (if there's breaking news). But as of now, that's the plan. It's early, but I thought I'd let you know...

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