Monday, September 1, 2008

Topics Of Discussion

The convention center opens for business.

Here in the Twin Cities, where the GOP convention is ramping up (as Hurricane Gustav ramps down), the hot topics around here are:
  • Hurricane Gustav (glad it wasn't as bad as they thought it could've been, but were the warnings overblown?)
  • Will John McCain, now that Gustav is dying, come to St. Paul for a live speech?
  • The announcement that Sarah Palin's 17 year-old daughter is "with child."
  • Protesters outside the convention, including several hundred "anarchists" who are roaming about the city, doing relatively minor damage here and there.
  • The scheduled speeches tonight by Laura Bush and Cindy McCain. (Word is they will be asking Americans to lend a hand -- and some extra money -- to those affected by the bad weather in the Gulf.)
  • The humidity. (It's not Deep South humid, but even the locals are talking about it.)

Texas delegates proudly show their "wears."

Extra: I was really taken by the large number of Hispanic delegates and media in attendance this time. I saw several GOPers wearing "HABLA ESPANOL" buttons and watched probably half a dozen TV news interviews occur at different places in the convention center within the space of an hour. The party still doesn't appear to attract a significant number of African-American delegates, but it does look like it's reaching out -- in a big way -- to Spanish-speaking presidents.

The "Moms Trust McCain" contingent.

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