Saturday, September 20, 2008

Can The System Be Beat (Or Beaten)?

Time for some educated guesses.

At least someone understands the difference between a free-market and a socialist economy.

That's one way to get a leg up on the economy.

Here's another...

Wanna beat rising gas prices? These folks had an idea...

I still love the fact that Hugo Chavez is still choking on it. Nope, couldn't beat the system.

Venezuela's Hugo Chavez bet on Lehman Brothers.
result? Check out his new presidential limousine.

Lehman Brothers on the ropes? Down for the count? Perhaps if the company had followed in the footsteps of -- the Lehman Brothers themselves -- it might not have happened.

What does it say about the economy when airlines are considered good investments?

Well, at least today's buggy whip industry still feels good about itself.

Extra: Speaking of gas prices...ever wonder how they impact our economy? (See below.)

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