Saturday, September 20, 2008

Of Bailouts And Such

Let me be among the first to congratulate you (well, the second after the guy with the orange tie) on your purchase of some of America's most notable financial institutions.

Now that you're a mover and shaker, I'd like to welcome you to annual stockholders meetings, chi-chi airport waiting lounges and to the best tables at the finest restaurants.

Now that you're a rich, stockholder-type, you can afford
to eat at some of the more hoity-toity restaurants.

By the way, not only are you now a proud stockholder, but you'll also be happy to hear that your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren (and probably several generations beyond that) will also be paying for the $1 trillion bailout of this nation's stalwarts of capitalism.

The Dow Jones may be climbing -- albeit temporarily -- out of its spiral, but don't look for things to turn around soon.

I'm just glad to know some Smart Guys are on the case...yikes!

Extra: In what can only be described as Mugshot o' the Week, I (with the help of The Smoking Gun) present, the AIG shirt guy hoping for a bailout.

What's $1 trillion between friends?

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