Sunday, September 7, 2008


Say goodbye: Eagan, Minn., temporary home to wayward
journalists, bloggers and other
ne'er-do-wells during the
2008 Republican convention. Now it's just a memory.

I've returned to the old homestead after nearly a week in the Twin Cities covering the 2008 GOP convention.

A few notes:

  • Minnesota -- a great place to visit...not sure I'd want to live there in the winter.
  • The star of the show? -- At a political convention, you'd think it would be the presidential candidate. This time, however, it was the VP candidate. Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is still wowing 'em.
  • The GOP still has no clue when it comes to using music in videos and at events. Using Heart's "Barracuda" matched-up well with Palin (her nickname is "Sarah Barracuda"), but it isn't about an aggressive female basketball star who goes on to become governor (it's about a greasy music industry type). It also doesn't help that Heart doesn't dig Palin. Throughout the convention, the GOP audio/visual club resorted to continuously playing the sappiest stuff from the '80s. (It seems like they're always 20 years behind the curve when it comes to popular culture.)
Now we're into a two-month homestretch...debates...polls...smear campaigns...exposés ...

America -- What a country!

Extra: What's creating more interest, the presidential or VP debates? Polls seem to indicate the Biden-Palin match-up on Oct. 2.

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