Saturday, October 17, 2009

Working for the weekend...and other things

Workin' it...

It’s OK to admit it now that Saturday is just around the corner: Everyone was working for the weekend.

And speaking of work, don’t you just stay up at night thinking about what a timeline graph of American job growth/losses would look like? Wonder no more.

Oh, and those job loss figures? Worse than originally reported.

And when you’re talking about jobs, how about all the jobs the Stimulus produced (especially in Michigan)?

Getting jobbed: Remember when “Saturday Night Live” spoofed President Barack Obama’s lack of accomplishments? Remember when CNN decided to fact-check the comedy show’s skit? Remember when Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” schooled CNN on journalism? Remember?

Add SNL Obama spoofs: Seriously.

Not a spoof: Deficit hits – get ready for this - $1.42 TRILLION. That’s TRILLION…with a “T.”

From the “how does this guy keep his job?” department: Follow Joe? (Hell, no!)

And on to the “how did she get her job? Department: “But If You Go Carrying Pictures of Chairman Mao (or Mother Theresa) Anyhow, You're Going Make It In the Obama Administration Anyhow...

Add Joe Biden: What happens if you’re the wrong kind of media person working to cover an event with the Veep?

Add the other Democrats: So much for being “the party of the little guy.”

And in closing: Apparently someone doesn’t understand how Rupert Murdoch and his businesses work. (Friedrich Nietzsche heard screaming from the grave, “That which does not kill us makes us stronger!”)

Enjoy your weekend (even if you didn't work for it)!

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