Saturday, October 3, 2009

Anything more would be too much...

Job losses? Nothing to see here, citizen. Now, move along. "The September unemployment rate rose to 9.8%, as expected by economists, representing a modest 0.1% rise from last month." That number, however, seemed to buoy the hopes of the Associated Press which had this in its story: "Most analysts expect the economy to continue to improve, but at a slow, uneven pace." Excuse me?

Charles Krauthammer delivers a waker-upper: "When France chides you for appeasement, you know you’re scraping bottom. Just how low we’ve sunk was demonstrated by the Obama administration’s satisfaction when Russia’s president said of Iran, after meeting President Obama at the U.N., that 'sanctions are seldom productive, but they are sometimes inevitable.'”

David Brooks, the token NY Times "conservative" on the op-ed pages, has been a bit "squishy for the last year or so, but he provides an interesting take on conservative radio hosts, pundits and others who are the most vocal on the right: "The rise of [Glen] Beck, {Sean] Hannity, Bill O’Reilly and the rest has correlated almost perfectly with the decline of the G.O.P. But it’s not because the talk jocks have real power. It’s because they have illusory power, because Republicans hear the media mythology and fall for it every time." We'll see what they have to say about Brooks' column come Monday.

Whole Foods' founder talks about his Journal health-care op-ed that spawned a boycott, how he deals with unions, and why he thinks CEOs are overpaid: "I honestly don't know why the article became such a lightning rod," says John Mackey, CEO and founder of Whole Foods Market Inc., as he tries to explain the firestorm caused by his August op-ed on these pages opposing government-run health care. "I think a lot of people who got angry haven't read what I actually wrote. There was a lot of emotional reaction—fear and anger. I just wanted to get people to think about whether there was a better way to reform the system."

Michael Moore's new blast against capitalism, "Capitalism: A Love Story," doesn't live up to really anything having to do with capitalism. So far this weekend, it's taken in only about $1.7 million (which probably doesn't even cover Moore's weekly food bill).

I guess this makes him the ultimate in "self-loathing"..."Mahmoud Ahmadinejad revealed to have Jewish past: vitriolic attacks on the Jewish world hide an astonishing secret, evidence uncovered by The Daily Telegraph shows."

Three more banks close. Do I hear 100 (just around the bend)?

Troubling story of the day? - "GOP tried to recruit hero pilot 'Sully' for 2010 Congress bid" Look, I'm a huge fan of Captain Chesley Sullenberger and his crew, but this says something about how badly things are going for the Republican party - especially in California. I'm sure "Sully" would do great at just about anything he put his mind (and nerves of steel) to, but things are turning into a beauty contest here, folks. Lest you think I'm not serious, he was asked to run against my representative, Jerry McNerney (D)...who I'd love to see done after one term. But let's not just see who's at the top of the charts on a given week and decide that's enough to make them the people who write our laws.

That's all I've got. But do you really want any more?

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I don't know why I never checked out your blog before now, Jeff. You're brilliant.