Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Some closer inspections are in order

It can be beautiful - and dangerous...

Let’s start this edition of The Bliss Index© off with some breaking news: Bay Bridge closed after repair falls apart. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, “Three pieces of an emergency repair to the Bay Bridge's cantilever section made over Labor Day weekend snapped and crashed onto the upper deck of the span late Tuesday afternoon, striking three vehicles and forcing the indefinite closure of the region's busiest bridge.” Trust me; two things are going to come from this: 1.) a massive traffic tie-up throughout the region until repairs are complete; and, 2.) closer scrutiny of the bridge and ongoing seismic retrofitting.

Add California news: How California's New Water Laws Inform the Coming National Crisis -
“California has its share of problems these days; the state carries billions of dollars in debt, drug cartels have made their way in from Mexico and the wild fire season came and went with great force. As if the governor didn't have enough on his plate, California is also in the midst of one of the biggest water crises this nation has ever seen. Farmers and fishing communities, businesses and a growing population are locked in a battle over water rights—scrambling for what has become a dwindling resource. To stop the problem, a task force has studied the Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta for two years and came up with dozens of proposals to alleviate the water crisis. Here are six of the most prescient proposed items—problems and solutions that may be coming to a local assembly (or a courthouse) near you.”

Guess who!

When it comes to Those In Power™, it’s always a good idea to look at where they got their ideas from. Upon review, it appears the Party In Power® has an interesting foundation. The Fabians, founded in England in 1887, had a different kind of approach when it came to revolution – do it gradually.

In the article, “A Fabian Socialist Dream Come True,” Stuart Chase’s 1942 book - "The Road We Are Traveling" - is cited for its explanation of the system of planning the Fabians had in mind (when it came to changing the face of our society); the interesting thing is to look at that plan in comparison to 2008 America. These steps – mind you, written down in 1942, include:

1. Strong, centralized government.
2. Powerful Executive at the expense of Congress and the Judicial.
3. Government controlled banking, credit and securities exchange.
4. Government control over employment.
5. Unemployment insurance, old age pensions.
6. Universal medical care, food and housing programs.
7. Access to unlimited government borrowing.
8. A managed monetary system.
9. Government control over foreign trade.
10. Government control over natural energy sources, transportation and agricultural production.
11. Government regulation of labor.
12. Youth camps devoted to health discipline, community service and ideological teaching consistent with those of the authorities.
13. Heavy progressive taxation.

American Samoa in the wake of a deadly tsunami...

Speaking of government and money…and stuff:An investigation shows that federal grants to Samoa to build a tsunami warning system were instead used for things like flat screen TV's and trips to Vegas.” If it wasn’t so tragic, it would be another laughable example of bureaucracy (not) at work. h/t: Fark.com

The Hon. Barney Frank - at your service?

More speaking of government: Barney Frank (D-Masshole): Democrats are "trying on every front to increase the role of government."

Add Barney: the Congressman blasted also-ran/nutjob Ralph Nader recently, saying, "Ralph gets to luxuriate in the purity of his irrelevance." These guys are guarding the hen house, er, nation’s money. Good luck with that!

Look, up in the sky!

Finally: So the Balloon Boy hoax is…a hoax?

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