Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tonight's show: "The Tale of the Questionable Authorship"

A tale of two books?

John F. Kennedy's Pulitzer Prize-winner, "Profiles in Courage," helped him launch his presidential bid. After years of speculation as to who wrote it, former JFK speechwriter Ted Sorensen owned up to authoring the tome.

One of two books "written" by now-President Barack Obama, "Dreams from My Father" has been under scrutiny since Obama began running for office. This week, long-suspected author and/or editor, William Ayers, reportedly said he wrote it.

Note: Since I first posted this, the story - which has taken on a life of its own throughout the blogosphere and across the mainstream media - has become very hot. The blogger who originally reported the incident seems to agree with a number of pundits - conservative and liberal - who think Ayers was pulling the blogger's leg. (Even Rush Limbaugh dismissed the notion - rather quickly - on his show today.)

Let's talk about this: I'll be on Dave Congalton's radio show tonight at 6 p.m. (Pac time). Dave's show airs on the Central Coast, but if you're not within the broadcast area you can listen online at

Tonight we'll be chatting about the president's friend, William Ayers, and his (suspect) declaration on Monday that he actually wrote Barack Obama's "Dreams from my Father."

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