Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Is any news “good news” these days?

With an economy in downward spiral, two wars limping along, a health insurance reform effort stuck in a quagmire and important institutions dying off, it’s hard to find anything positive to report.

And no wonder…

It’s the economy, Mr. President…

What recovery? Did I say “93,784 foreclosures?” I guess I forgot the zero. There were 937,840 foreclosures in Q3 in the US, according to RealtyTrac, the highest quarterly level since they starting issuing reports in 2005.

This gives a whole new meaning to “Escape from New York.”

From the “It doesn’t matter how much you dress things up” Dept (below):

Even the alternative, typically “Left” news media is speaking up: Over at - “Dear White House Flickr Feed: Enough With the Hagiography. Thanks.- At left is President Barack Obama in the Oval Office on October 20. At right are Robert Kennedy (standing) and John F. Kennedy in the Oval Office in April 1962. White House photographer Pete Souza likes Obama too much.

So what’s being done to earn the halo?

Shades of the Lincoln Bedroom scandal during the Clinton White House years?

Bailout news: The auto finance giant GMAC is talking with Treasury in the hopes of getting a third handout from taxpayers. It’s said to be somewhere in the neighborhood of between $2.8 billion and $5.6 billion. We taxpayers, who have already fronted GMAC $12.5 billion, already “owns” more than a third of the lender.

I guess it’s OK so long as it isn’t George W. Bush doing it…


I guess it’s OK so long as it isn’t a white male writing it…

With stuff like that, it’s no wonder the nation’s formerly leading paper is tanking

Speaking of newspapers tanking: According to’s “Revolving Door” e-newsletter, “Daily newspaper circulation plummets another 10 percent, down to less than 30.5 million. That would be pre-World War II levels, in case you're scoring at home. Sunday circ fared slightly better, but is still off more than seven percent from a year ago. The biggest loser: the San Francisco Chronicle, which falls more than 25 percent, while the New Jersey Star-Ledger loses almost a quarter of its readers, as well. Virtually every major paper except for The Wall Street Journal had a decreased circulation.”

Last add newspapers: A Graphic History of Newspaper Circulation Over the Last Two Decades – “Every six months, the Audit Bureau of Circulations releases data about newspapers and how many people subscribe to them. And then everyone writes a story about how some newspapers declined some amount over the year previous. Well, that's no way to look at data! It's confusing—and it obscures larger trends. So we've taken chunks of data for the major newspapers, going back to 1990, and graphed it, so you can see what's actually happened to newspaper circulation. (We excluded USA Today, because we don't care about it. If you're in a hotel? You're reading it now. That's nice.) Some surprising trends: the New York Post has the same circulation it had two decades ago! Also, the once-captivating battle of the New York City tabloids has become completely moot. Some unsurprising trends: the Los Angeles Times is an absolute horrorshow. Not shown: the Boston Globe disappearing off the bottom of this chart, in a two decade decline from 521,000 in 1990 to 264,105 this year.”

More bad news (for the White House in its battle against Fox News): From the Baltimore Sun - “The White House keeps up its attack on Fox News as biased in this video with Valerie Jarrett, another senior adviser to President Obama making the claim. But watch how fast Jarrett folds when CNN anchor Campbell Brown asks her if pro-administration MSNBC isn't just as biased. MSNBC is one of the giant holes in the administration's argument that Fox isn't a "real" news organization and should be ostracized. Worse, the administration's acceptance of MSNBC and attack on Fox show how intellectually inconsistent and hypocritical the White House is willing to be in trying to bully the press and shut down criticism. Here's the video.

Bad news for big states: A potentially big loss on a number of fronts - “Republican senator’s proposal to count only United States citizens when reapportioning Congress would cost California five seats and New York and Illinois one each, according to an independent analysis of census data released Tuesday. Texas, which is projected to gain three seats after the 2010 census, would get only one. “

Finally: It’s not news -Proof that Michael Moore is a “big, fat liar” – “Fat propagandist Michael Moore told Jimmy Kimmel that he consumed tequila with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez at 2 AM. Socialists are furious! In Moore's story—which, we remind you again, was an amusing anecdote delivered on a late-night comedy talk show program—he went to Chavez's hotel room to ask him to please quiet down and ended up partying with him all night. They consumed a bottle and a half of tequila. And the punchline was that Chavez's speech to the UN was made up mostly of things Moore said to him, while drunk. Now. According to the public record, Chavez and Moore met in Venice for three hours during the day. And also Chavez is a teetotaler.” There’s someone who’s responsible for dumbing everyone down.

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