Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bizarro Joey...

Opposite day: Remember the “Bizarro Jerry” episode of “Seinfeld?” In it, the character of Elaine Benes discovers a world that is 180 degrees different from the one she occupies. In the present day, real world, Vice President Joe Biden (D-Amtrak) appears to occupy that bizarre space.

Just the opposite...

When it comes to Afghanistan, Delaware Joe is foursquare against any build-up in Talibanland. In fact, he’s pushing for a drawn-down. We know, based on Mr. Biden’s performance record that the exact opposite should be done.

Let the record speak for itself: “Biden voted against the successful Persian Gulf war of 1991, voted for the Iraq invasion of 2003, proposed dividing Iraq into three sections in 2006 and opposed the additional troops credited by many with turning Iraq around in 2007. ‘When was the last time Biden was right about anything?’ Thomas E. Ricks, a military writer, wrote in a blog on Sept. 24. Mr. Ricks is affiliated with the Center for a New American Security, a research organization founded by Democrats.”

The Lonely Conservative chips in with this additional bit of Biden history: “In his first U.S. Senate campaign in 1972, he called for cutting and running from Vietnam. He later voted to cut off funding for South Vietnam and spoke out against the war. After we did withdraw, communist forces conquered South Vietnam as well as Cambodia, where Pol Pot carried out a campaign of genocide. In the 1980s, Mr. Biden opposed President Ronald Reagan’s national security approach on almost every front, including funding for the Contras in Nicaragua, building missile defenses, and increasing military spending.”

Heck, it doesn’t even seem like Biden’s boss is on the same page. Obama in official remarks from the White House, the president explained the need to get a handle on Afghanistan this way:
“Multiple intelligence estimates have warned that al Qaeda is actively planning attacks on the United States homeland from its safe haven in Pakistan. And if the Afghan government falls to the Taliban — or allows al Qaeda to go unchallenged — that country will again be a base for terrorists who want to kill as many of our people as they possibly can. …But this is not simply an American problem — far from it. It is, instead, an international security challenge of the highest order. Terrorist attacks in London and Bali were tied to al Qaeda and its allies in Pakistan, as were attacks in North Africa and the Middle East, in Islamabad and in Kabul. If there is a major attack on an Asian, European, or African city, it, too, is likely to have ties to al Qaeda’s leadership in Pakistan. The safety of people around the world is at stake.”
Just remember: whatever Joe Biden tells you to do when it comes to matters of war, do the exact opposite and you’ll be OK…every single time.

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