Monday, October 12, 2009

What if...?

But what if they could?

Every comedy starts with a couple of guys tossing out a series of increasingly ridiculous "What if?" questions, until they get to the most idiotic reductio ad absurdum imaginable,” writes David Kahane over at National Review Online’s “The Corner.”

What if he turned it down? Or what if he said one of these things? Or this?

What if they one day gave a Nobel Prize in Economics to a woman? Wait…what? Oh, they did!

What if the largest collapse of private equity investment occurred during our lifetime? Oh, wait – it is.

What if I got called to do a talk radio show in the middle of writing this blog. I did! I just finished about an hour’s-worth of time on the John Loftus Show, where I joined fellow panelists on discussions about California, Congress, the president, Afghanistan and the Middle East.

Those are some big “what ifs.”

Last add: What if you were asked to do an hour’s-worth of radio at a moment’s notice – without time for preparation? Just finished nearly 60 minutes-worth of the John Loftus Radio Show. The invite came out of the blue and it was something of an E-ticket ride. Wow. (Prep is everything!!!) Much, much fun though. Tonight's topics: Afghanistan, California & Schwarzenegger, Iran, Congress, President Obama, Nancy Pelosi...and more. Whew!

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