Monday, October 11, 2010

Which party does he belong to?

Oh, that's right...Democratic.

West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin (right) has a problem (left)...(photo: Charleston Gazette)

West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin (D), who looked like a cinch to capture the U.S. Senate seat that used to be part of the living fossil that was Robert Byrd, is now in for the political fight of his life.

While he is overwhelmingly beloved as governor, President Barack Obama seems to be moving toward a nearly impossible-to-believe single-digit approval ratings among West Virginia voters. And therein lies the problem.

West Virginians want Joe to stay with them. They feel like he's doing a fine job as the state's chief executive. "If Joe goes to Washington and gets sucked into the Obama mess, he and the state could be screwed," his constituents seem to be saying.

GOP challenger John Raese has managed to come on strong, shaking off a double-digit deficit to move to a lead in the polls which now have him beyond the margin of error.

You've got to hand it to Manchin: he's no quitter. During the last week, he's filed suit against the Obama Administration's EPA for its efforts to quash certain coal mining techniques (which really irks the coal mining-dependent state's citizens). And to top it off, Manchin goes over the top with the ad (below), which is designed to further distance him from the leader of his own party.

Another omen of things to come this November 2.

Bonus: In one campaign ad, the candidate shoots down Cap and Trade, ObamaCare, the EPA - and he does it with a rifle (and the NRA's endorsement). Can you imagine what would have happened if a Republican did all that?

Late add: John Batchelor also blogs on the West Virginia coal mine canary...

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