Friday, October 22, 2010

The ad that should have run...


Ask most people in California - on either side of the political aisle - and they will tell you that Sen. Barbara Boxer's finest hour was not her infamous "Call Me Senator" rant.

While her GOP opponent in the Nov. 2 election, Carly Fiorina, did have one ad on the subject, it ran for just a short time and has since been forgotten.

The ad below, produced by a conservative group, is funny -- and to the point. (David Zucker, he of the "Airplane" and Naked Gun" name but a few, oversaw this ad.)

This is the ad her team should have run from the start. My guess, if they had, Fiorina vs. Boxer wouldn't be a dead heat right now...

Call Me Senator from RightChange on Vimeo.

Late add/bonus: Zucker explains why he made the video - "I thought an apology would have been appropriate, but to my knowledge, none has ever been made by Senator Boxer. This I find distressing, since apologies from public figures nowadays are the norm. I mean, it’s not as if she texted her junk to Brett Favre. This was just arrogantly insulting an army officer. But I guess that’s okay with her. In the debate with Carly Fiorina, the subject was brought up, but Boxer was quite adept at deflecting it — and still without an apology. Let this video be my apology. Every time I see the public record listing my campaign contribution to Boxer — I wince. I mean, we all have things we’ve done in the past that we’re embarrassed about, but I’d rather have my being restricted to 100 yards away from elementary schools be public knowledge than that $5,000 Boxer campaign contribution." (h/t: Hot Air)


Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter anymore. The GOP is finished in California.

Jeff Bliss said...

Dear Anonymous:
Thanks for your note.
You know, you could be right. First, the party apparatus has been horribly run for years. Essentially, it's been broken-up (-down?) into three groups: the regular GOPers; the establishment GOPers; and the Schwarzeneggers. None of them work together (or work together very well), so nothing much gets done. Add to that the Democratic registration numbers(close to 3 million more than GOPers); a state plunging deeper and deeper into failure/dependency; and cronyism/patronage running amok in Sacramento...none of it spells good times ahead for the GOP...or the state.