Friday, October 8, 2010

Pitcher's got a rubber arm...

...and a waning political career.

Charlie, Charlie, Charlie...

Here's a hint: don't ever step foot on a baseball mound again. Ever. Never. Never-ever-ever-ever.

In what can only be described as the absolute worst first pitch in the history of baseball, the soon to be ex-governor of Florida not only throws OK, there is no comparing him to anyone who has ever tried to throw a ball from the mound to home plate. Seriously - I've seen wounded veterans (amputees, no less) make better throws. I've seen Girl Scouts, senior citizens...even a blind guy throw out first pitches better than that. (All true.)

On principle alone, I would vote for any opponent running against Crist. Just because of that so-called "throw."

Charlie - stick to something you know how to politics. Oh, wait a minute. You lost Florida's GOP U.S. Senate primary and are now running against your former party's primary winner? And you're getting thumped in the polls? We've got to find you something else to do.

Sorry, Charlie...

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