Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Today's media fun...

Just when you think Keith Olbermann (aka: "Keith-O," "KO, Not OK") couldn't go off the rails anymore than he already has, he does this:

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Mediaite: "Give Christine O’Donnell this: the controversies surrounding her haven’t been boring. From the line from way back when about dabbling in witchcraft to the more recent hand-wringing over whether her father Daniel did, in fact, ever play Bozo the Clown, O’Donnell’s name is consistently at the center of something bizarre. Tonight, Keith Olbermann decided to satirize these controversies – only in doing so, he upped the weirdness ante and created one of the strangest six minutes of television ever committed to the small screen. After an intro segment in which he explained the Bozo controversy and looked at O’Donnell’s new campaign ad in which she definitively declares she’s “not a witch,” Olbermann discussed O’Donnell with “Bozo the Clown” (played by comedian Angry Bob), and a “witch” (played by columnist Michael Musto). If you think this sounds like something one might normally imagine while tripping on acid…yes. You are correct."
(h/t: to Mediaite for catching this item...)

Question to KO: How hard did you bump your head?

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