Monday, October 4, 2010

Rally time!

(Note: the big crowd is from the 8/28 rally, not this weekend's. Photo via Directorblue)

This weekend saw thousands of self-described Marxists, progressives, Democrats, socialists and other left-leaners descend on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., for a counter-rally: the One Nation rally.

What were they rallying against? Well, Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" rally, for one (as well as Tea Partiers, Republicans and other folks across the aisle). Beck held a rally in the same space last month that drew several hundred thousand people. In the photo comparisons above, you can clearly see that the One Nation even barely registers in comparison.

In addition, no one was paid to attend the "Restoring Honor" event. The "One Nation" rally, however, had its attendance numbers boosted by various unions and special interest groups who paid for members to participate and bussed in thousands of people. In some cases, kids were given class credit to attend. (h/t: Gateway Pundit)

Bonus: The folks over at Big Journalism have a nice post-event piece: "More Trash at One Sparsely Attended Left Wing Rally Than at All the Tea Parties Around the Country in a Year and a Half." The photo below is one of several they've posted.

Bonus-bonus: Most left-leaning protests I've covered usually include groups dedicated to socialism/Marxism. It's something the mainstream media usually avoids reporting on (like the crazy relative up in the attic?). The groups were out in full-force on Saturday.

Late add: Souvenirs from the One Nation rally. A sampling of "items"/trash left behind...(h/t: Daily Caller)

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