Monday, March 15, 2010

Not what was promised...

Dear Al Gore: How’s that “Social Security lock box” working for you? (About the same as Global Warming™, er, Climate Change®, eh?)

How's it goin'?

For all those college students who voted for Hope & Change™…looks like your only Hope will be if someone gives you some spare Change.

California – the “Used to be Golden” state.

Pelosi: “We’ve got the votes.” Stupak: “You know how to count to 16?”

That is surprising news!

“LIKE A CALIFORNIA WILDFIRE, populist rage burns over bloated executive compensation and unrepentant avarice on Wall Street.” “What is the result of ‘False Public Employee Pension Promises’ for $100, Alex?”

Now about those doctors at the White House health insurance press events? “Get yer white lab coats here! Get yer lab coats! Can’t tell the pros without ‘em!”

Get yer lab coats!

Get yer lab coats, here!

Can’t tell the pros without ‘em!”

1 comment:

The Progressive said...

That's so absurd! As if a doctor has no credibility without a lab coat. A news conference doesn't require props -- a photo opp does.