Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Gaffenator

By now, you’ve no doubt heard about VP Joe “Effin” Biden’s latest gaffe which came “during the ceremonial signing of the Obama administration's immense healthcare bill. As he did last year during an Amtrak ceremony in Washington, the longtime Democratic senator was too near an open microphone when he dropped what is preciously referred to by tsk-tskers as the F-bomb, a crude seven-letter word for copulation which is more often corrupted into a freaking adjective.” (h/t: LA Times)

Class. Nothin’ but class.

He's No. 1 - twice! (Actually, he's No. 2...)

But that’s not all!

According to the same LA Times piece, “The VP was supposed to unveil the nation's newest anti-drug strategy, but that minor deal was postponed. Just so that Biden could reintroduce a man who needs no introduction over at more healthcare remarks at the Interior Department. Here's what he said, according to the White House transcript: ‘As I said just before the president signed the healthcare bill, I quoted Virgil, the classic Greek poet, who once said, 'The greatest wealth is health.' The greatest wealth is health. Mr. President, you’ve made us a nobler and wealthier nation by providing for the health of your fellow citizens.’ [As one reader] points out: Virgil wasn't Greek. He was Roman. Very Roman. So Roman, in fact, that the author (70 BC-19 BC) of the ‘Aeneid,’ among other famous works, is buried in Naples. As in Napoli, as a graduate of Syracuse (Siracusa in Sicily) might know. But, hey, Biden's boss thought Canada had a president and they speak Austrian in Austria. And he went to Harvard.”

But gaffes for Biden are nothing new. Heck, he’s practically built his career on them.

Look, while I’m not particularly proud of the veep saying what he did, it’s far from being the end of the world. Plenty of good – and competent – people have been great at what they do while having a “potty mouth” at the same time. But between Biden’s previous penchant for plagiarizing speeches and being more long-winded than tornado on vacation in a trailer park, this wasn’t a “positive.”

Way to go, Joe!

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