Sunday, March 28, 2010

"Like a canary in a coal mine..."

Like a canary in a coal mine that suddenly stops singing, the signs are all there…

From Larry Johnson of No Quarter – “[Larry Doyle] interviewed the founder and President of the Consumer Metrics Institute, Richard Davis. Why should you care? Davis has developed a system for using data readily available in the public sector to accurately track what is really going on in the economy. And the news is not good. Richard Davis has his hands on tracking what consumers are really doing (or not doing). Here’s the bottom line–if consumers ain’t consuming the economy ain’t growing. Click on the link in Larry’s article. Listen to Larry and please, please give Richard Davis some of your precious time. You may not feel better after listening but you will be better informed.”

Yes we candismantle the economy in four years. (h/t: Ann Marlowe)

Florida, Florida, Florida: the Sunshine State’s unemployment numbers are its highest – EVER.

Interest rates to rise?former Fed Chair Alan Greenspan Calls Treasury Yields ‘Canary in the Mine.’

Add Treasury: So why lack of interest…which will probably lead to a rise in interest (rates)? Chalk another win up for ObamaCare!

Add ObamaCare: Wait, I thought passing that bill would result in a bump in the polls…

The "coal mine?"

As if you didn’t know, who is making out when it comes to pay? Those on government payrolls. (Surprised?)

Making the Stimulus work or someone on your dime?

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