Friday, November 20, 2009

Them that has...

Wonder why the entertainment industry loves the Dems so much? Might it be, that “Hollywood — the geographic Hollywood as found on Thomas Guide map page 593 — has received $23,338,327 in grants, loans and contracting. This money has created just 20.57 jobs. That’s $1,134,580.80 per job. And as interviews with recipients reveal, even that tiny jobs claim is clearly false, with many of the claims of newly created positions either impossible to verify or lower than reported. Not even 20 full-time jobs have been created in Hollywood proper.”

Recent weeks have not been good to those who bitterly cling to the notion that governments can manage economic initiatives. Three of them — one in real estate, a larger one in manufacturing, and a colossal enterprise supposedly intended to revive a downward-spiraling economy — have all either failed miserably or foundered badly.

It’s about time!: The House Government Reform and Oversight Committee is less than amused with reports of “phantom” Congressional districts receiving Stimulus funds and will hold hearings on the matter. In the meantime this has inspired a New Hampshire man to run for the non-existent Congressional seat in New Hampshire’s phantom #00 district.

All of this fake spending on fake districts isn’t helping the majority party. “Data from Rasmussen Reports national telephone surveys shows that 15.0% of Democrats in the workforce are currently unemployed and looking for a job. Among adults not affiliated with either major party, that number is 15.6% while just 9.9% of Republicans are in the same situation. “

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