Sunday, November 15, 2009


What’s with all the bowing and scraping???

First, bowing to the Saudi king (above), now the Japanese emperor. Next up, a curtsy for the queen?

I predict that these are not the 10 lamest predictions of modern times. But they’re close.

Ignoring solid science in favor of snake oil is not just lame…it can actually make you lame.

And speaking of snake oil…the most famous snake oil salesman of our lifetime was rebuked by a rather noisy crowd.

Would you buy a used carbon credit from this man?

Can you believe people are actually freaking out over the new doomsday flick, “2012?” Can you believe NASA is spending funds on a website to dispel the movie’s “myths?”

Ever wonder, “Where are those flying cars we were supposed to have…like in ‘The Jetsons?’” (Seriously? Have you never driven on a Southern California freeway? Do you really want people zipping around over your head in a car?)

Trust me. You do not want to see something like this in your neighborhood...

For a guy who has all the answers when it comes to our social, economic and political ills, it looks like he flunked geography.

"Born to Run?" Maybe. Geography whiz? Hardly...

I can’t tellIs this a.) lame; b.) illogical; or, c.) cool? (Maybe if it came with a pair of complimentary ears.)

Just because you own them, you think you should get free stuff?

King of Pop, Fans of Lameness? - According to LA’s Daily News, “The Michael Jackson memorial service cost the city of Los Angeles about $3.2 million, according to a new city report released Friday, an expense city officials justified spending because of the massive crowds they had anticipated at the July 6 event.”

Good luck with that budget deficit, Los Angeles...

Finally, if you’re going to dictate economic policy, shouldn’t you at least have a basic understanding of economics? Just askin’…

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