Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sharpening Their Claws

Just a couple days after John McCain made history by naming Sarah Palin to be his running mate, the long knives came out.

Or should I say, the claws came out?

On Saturday, the New York Times' Gail Collins got, well, snippy (and only a media blueblood can) in her sniping at Palin.

Gail Collins -- a woman's best friend

Likewise, the eternally bitter Maureen Dowd took her shots at Palin and showed (again) why she has become irrelevant. Once upon a time, MoDo was The Read inside the Beltway, but no more. Sure, some of the oldtimers still chortle at her little digs and puns, but she stopped being funny -- and interesting -- around the time of the Louisiana Purchase.

Maureen Dowd -- If looks could kill, we'd all be dead.

It's perfectly understandable and respectable to disagree with candidates, policies and parties...but for Susan B. Anthony's sake you'd think some people would take a minute and appreciate the fact that a woman -- for whatever reason -- has made it onto a presidential-VP ticket. Why just a few days ago we were all being told that even if we didn't agree with Barack Obama, we should all revel in the fact that a black man finally made it to the presidential slot on one of the parties' tickets (I agreed...check out the first blog below). So where's the love for Gov. Palin?

Hugh Hewitt, in addressing the early excoriations of Palin, writes, "Scan the lefty blogs and you will see furious, even unhinged, attacks on Governor Palin. Which has to mean that the Obamians are unsettled."

Unsettled, indeed.

And like cats backed into a corner, they've got their claws at the ready.

The sign reads, "Columnist will write diatribes for food."

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