Sunday, August 31, 2008

Reporting From The Convention Media Center...

For the next four days, this will be the Media Center/Place of Repose for your humble correspondent. At least the GOP convention folks are setting aside rooms for bloggers. (Don't pay any heed to the fact that it's 10 miles from the Xcel Energy Center.

(I will try to snap random photos here and there to give you a little glimpse into what's going on in these parts.)

If you look carefully, you can see my room...with a beautiful
view of the Country Inns & Suites parking lot. (Obviously 5 stars!)

When you're talking feasts, well, it just doesn't get any
better than Mickey D's Steakhouse. (Conveniently located
in the hotel's parking lot! Bring on the cholesterol!)

Minnesota: The land of 10,000 lakes, including a few
in the parking lot. (Absolutely breathtaking, don't you think?)

Extra: Everyone here seems to be on tenterhooks waiting to see what Gustav brings to the Gulf Coast...and to the Twin Cities.

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