Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Gathering Storms

From The Sage of Manhattan: John Batchelor, one of the best at prognosticating on Things That Matter, is keeping a close eye on the Perfect Storm -- the simultaneously occurring GOP convention and two major hurricanes headed to the U.S. mainland..."John McCain has underlined the drama of GUSTAV by declaring that he might suspend the convention if the storm wrecks New Orleans and the coast. Landfall now projected to be Monday September 1. (And there is a second storm HANNA to the east, headed toward Florida's 25 electoral votes.) No celebrations while people are at risk and without power and security. In case any of the fifteen thousand journalists missed the lesson, John McCain is in charge and unpredictable. This would make history in the most Youtube precedent-minded of ages. There has never been a Republican convention suspended for a storm, or a war, or any sort of catastrophe."

John Batchelor, ready for any occasion -- stormy or formal.

While McCain and the GOP might be viewed as doing the right thing and handling a natural disaster better than what happened three years ago during and post-Katrina, the results will likely reach far beyond the Gulf Coast. No, it looks like the Perfect Storm this time could be about more than flooded cities, dislodged coffins floating down streets and looters running wild (with television news crews there to capture the scenes for posterity). This time the pain will be felt nationwide...and most likely by the McCain campaign. If Gustav and his sister storm to the east, Hanna, continue to interrupt oil production and eventually wreak havoc on petroleum platforms and refineries in the region then energy prices will probably jump. And that won't be good for the party in power...or its standard bearer.

Gustav: Coming soon to an oil rig -- or gas pump -- near you?

Extra: Adam Housley, one of the hardest working guys in the TV news biz is headed to hurricane country to cover the approaching storms. Housley, one of the unsung stars at Fox News, really made his mark covering disasters, conflicts and all of the exciting stuff that journalists dream of doing. I highly recommend watching him whenever possible on Fox or catching his blog (which he faithfully updates as he is able to).

Adam Housley -- another day, another disaster to cover.

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