Sunday, August 31, 2008

Denver Omelette Leftovers

The Mile-High Airport. (I'm in the far tent on the right...see me waving?)

Here I am in Denver, waiting for the second leg of my trip to Minneapolis-St. Paul to cover the GOP convention.

It's hard to judge what the Democrats' convention in Denver this week did to the city, but if the leftover souvenirs in the airport's shops is any indication, there must be one heckuva fire sale going on downtown.

Every concourse has corporate posters and signage welcoming the Dems to Denver, and the "please buy me!!" tables in front of the stores are stacked with convention t-shirts.

There do seem to be a few leftover delegates and protester-types making their final exits, but they are far, far outnumbered by the many military men and women transiting between home bases and outposts elsewhere.

I expect my next post will land sometime later tonight after I get into the Twin Cities and do a short stint on John Batchelor's radio show.

Extra: Upon arrival in Denver, I was surprised to see the news ticker on the waiting area TV proclaiming that Hurricane Gustav might never reach above Category 3. Let's hope for less.

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