Friday, August 20, 2010

Today's Top 10 List: States with the Highest Income Taxes

From NYC Educator

The always reliable and informative Tax Prof Blog posts the following list of states that take the most from their citizens. There are no surprises:

The Top 10 Highest State Income Taxes: All Obama Blue States

Forbes, States (And Bill Gates Sr.) Look to Soak the Rich, by Ashlea Ebeling:

Hawaii: 11% (income over $400,000 (couple), $200,000 (single)

Oregon: 11% (income over $500,000 (couple), $250,000 (single)

California: 10.55% (income over $1 million)

Rhode Island: 9.9% (income over $373,650)

Iowa: 8.98% (income over $64,261)

New Jersey 8.97% (income over $500,000)

New York: 8.97% (income over $500,000)

Vermont: 8.95% (income over $373,650)

Maine: 8.5% (income over $39,549 (couple), $19,749 (single)

Washington, D.C.: 8.5% (income over $40,000)

(Yes, I realize the taxes listed above are state and President Barack Obama is a federal official, but the clip was too good to pass up...)

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