Saturday, August 14, 2010

Getting an education...

Arizona: a state of unbecoming?

In the middle of this severe economic downturn, perhaps no interest group is complaining about budget cuts more loudly than that connected to public education (at all levels).

A source in Arizona shares this bit of information with me about the public school (community college) system there. Because that person is a state employee and concerned that flagging this could result in job problems, I'm keeping the source anonymous.

Singing Cowboys, 101...

"If you think that the Arizona education system has been shortchanged by recent budget cuts, how do you explain the plethora of ridiculous courses they're offering this fall at our community colleges? - How to be a Blackjack Winner; The Hollywood Singing Cowboy From Real to Reel; More Hollywood Singing Cowboys; Concealed Weapons; Know Yourself... I could go on and on. [Another example,] Celebrate Your Life: For the Mature Woman. You're supposed to wear loose fitting clothing and bring a mat to lay on. Go figure."

Yes, go figure...

A time to celebrate?

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