Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"An affront..."

Howard Dean...

Earlier today
, David Goodman - my colleague/producer-engineer on the John Batchelor Show, scored a major coup with his interview of former Vermont Gov./Democratic presidential candidate/Dem party chieftain, Dr. Howard Dean.

Mind you, it's not hard to get Dean to talk. Give him a soapbox and this guy can make the guys from the Lincoln-Douglas debates look like pikers. So an interview with Dean ain't that big of a deal.

But Goodman, the host of WABC-AM 77's "Goodman to Go," scored because he asked the right question at the right time. He asked Dean what he thought of the current controversy over the Cordoba House mosque/facility at Ground Zero.

Here's what Dean said:

Dean called the Cordoba plan "a real affront to people who lost their lives" and he rightfully called for a compromise.

Looking south from the Empire State Building, pre-9/11...

As Dean points out, this isn't about trying to quash Islam in any way. This is about asking the mosque proponents to be think about what Ground Zero means.

Bravo Dr. Dean (and Mr. Goodman).

The World Trade Center today - a stark reminder...

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