Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Harry Reid: U.S. Senate Majority Leader and...

...the best friend the GOP ever had?

If he's not opposing his president on the Ground Zero mosque issue, he's making speeches against bestowing citizenship on "anchor babies" born to illegal aliens. (Sure, it was a while ago but that's not going to stop the GOP from making hay with it...)

Late add/bonus Harry Reid (D-NV) material: from Ed Driscoll over at PajamasMedia some examples at the Senate leader's more memorable gaffes (and there are a lot to choose from):

The Top Ten Harry Reid quotes!

Number 10: Get this man a Claritin!

Number 9: The Peasants are Revolting!

Number 8, Beware the Evil-mongers!

Number 7: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.

Number 6: The Senator as psychiatrist.

Number 5: Newspaper jobs saved or created!

Number 4: Harry Supports the Troops.

Number 3: Beltway Babies Say Goodnight.

Number 2: When Harry met Barry.

And after that racial epithet, Harry doubles down! Which brings us to The Number one quote from the Harry Reid super gaffe-o-matic 76 machine: Harry stands up for diversity and freedom of choice: “I don’t know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican. Do I need to say more?”

Add Reid (from Taegan Goddard's "Political Wire"): A new Rasmussen survey in Nevada shows Sen. Harry Reid (D) in a dead heat with challenger Sharron Angle (R) in the U.S. Senate race with both getting 47% support.

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