Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekend odds & ends...

It's a three-day weekend so you're getting your nightly edition of The Bliss Index© between sips of our favorite adult beverage...and a tad later/earlier than usual. We present this collection of tidbits gathered from all over...


About that promise of transparency? Yah, not so much.

Well, he's pretty transparent...

“Come with me if you want to…be taxed more.”

The Taxinator....

It’s a miracle! The NY Times’ Maureen Dowd manages to get through an entire column without mentioning a Hollywood movie/celebrity/scandal/plot device/line.

Teddy…they hardly remember ye.

"Explain how this is going to work..."

This might just be the definition of “amateur hour.”

She’s gone from an object of pity to one of disdain.

Looks like the loser might end up being a loser.

A couple of winnahs? (Photo: Christian Science Monitor)

Add Massachusetts and the U.S. Senate: Feel free to ignore the wishes of voters.

During this year’s Super Bowl, Chrysler will present a 60-second television ad. (30-second spots are going for approximately $3 million each.) Can you guess who paid for it? If you guessed you and me, you move to the front of the line.

Enjoy your ad!

A hero for our time: “Dr. Sanjay Gupta has more courage and dedication than the United Nations, who abandoned patients out of fear.” (h/t:

Gupta does the right thing...
Charter member, Idiots Hall of Shame: Pat Robertson. He gets a letter from you-know-who.
Pat Robertson: idiot, evil...or a lot of both?

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