Thursday, January 28, 2010

Is he finished?

Hard to believe, but the State of the Union speech finally wrapped (before I put The Bliss Index™ to bed...Thursday night).

A few quick facts:

  • It was the second-longest SOTU speech...evah.
  • The president used the personal pronoun, "I," approximately 132 times.
  • For the first time in recent memory, the first lady was not introduced.
  • For the first time in SOTU history, a Supreme Court justice rebutted the speech - while it was in progress.
  • It was "Joe Biden Bobblehead Doll Night" at the U.S. Capitol.

History being made...

Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court Samuel Alito tells the law school prof he doesn’t know the law.

"Not true..."

Someone else kept score Wednesday night. (Hard to believe it was the Associated Press.)

He offered “Hope and Change”…so much for the change part.

And finally: Yes, racism still lives. (But probably not where most expected...)



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