Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday night - lite

It's a chilly night here at the HQ of The Bliss Index™, so rather than trying to keep warm by keying-in copy at a rapid rate, we'll just give you a quick rundown of some interesting tidbits floating around out there today/tonight.

Ghost in the Machine? The photo below is a hot subject of debate right now. Why? Because if you look behind the president, there appears to be a figure of some sort looking out the window at him as he passes. The story goes that the Secret Service said there was no one in that office at the time and it's merely a "trick of the light." I dunno. I think if you look closely enough, you can see Jimmy Carter looking on from the great beyond.

Cue the Rockwell/Geico song...

So the terror alert level in the UK is now at “severe”…Still not as bad as “bloody ‘ell!”

The alert level is now at "toasty"...

Speaking of terror alerts: Looks like we might have to raise our alert level to “No Frumpy.”

O’, Canada! One more reason to love our nutty neighbors to the north. (No, not those folks up in Minnesota.)

Thank a Canadian...

How are Saudi Arabia and Venezuela alike? Well, both places are run by people who fall under the heading of “not so nice.” Oh, yeah, and they’ve both got oil. Lots and lots and lots of oil.

Hugo Chavez, oil baron...

“Charges Withdrawn in Military Commissions for Sept. 11 Suspects” is the headline from our friends at Fox. Anyone wanna place a bet on how this is gonna end?

SayBye-bye, Ben.”

“Do us a solid,” President Barack Obama’s brothers-in-arms ask. “Stop yakking about all that other stuff and talk about a subject that matters to voters – jobs. You know, that thing none of us will have if you don’t get things moving.”

Actually, it's making up fake jobs in fake companies in fake districts...

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amgrant said...

Hello, I am trying to find the original location of a photo you posted in this blog entry: I am trying to find the "jobless rates soar" newspaper photo and I was wondering if you know where you found that photo or who owned it so I could license it. If you could get back to me ASAP as this is a time sensitive issue that would be great. Thanks so much.

Allison Grant