Thursday, February 2, 2012

Words of wisdom

Sometimes, the less said...the better.

In this case, NJ Gov. Chris Christie (R) gets to the root of the problem plaguing his state -- and this country -- with just a few words.

A few, very powerful words.

His talk (video below) is reminiscent of other historical/political/economic observations made by the likes of Churchill, Thatcher and Friedman (to name but a few).

You go, guv!

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Anonymous said...

While he's correct just about every town. city, county, state and federal govt has a spending problem not a tax collection problem. In NJ the supreme ct and funding for schools is one of the main problems we have l, but the two bozo's that. Chris nominated to the supreme ct won't help. Because the / nominees seem to have been selected for diversity reasons rather than being faithful to the constitution