Sunday, February 26, 2012

How dare they desecrate the Koran!

So, Afghanistan (and much of the Muslim world) is up in arms over the supposed "desecration" of their holy books. As the story goes, some of the Korans at a detention facility in that dusty hellhole of a country were being used to smuggle secret messages between suspected terrorists/Taliban/POWs. And, apparently, those books that were being desecrated by the Muslim prisoners (by them writing in/on them) were disposed of by NATO/U.S. forces. That, in turn, caused the populace to go nuts...rioting, burning, shooting and murdering (including several U.S. troops).

Just another day in that craphole that is Afghanistan. It's a place where no matter how much America/NATO does right, just the littlest slight sends the locals into apoplexy. (Never mind the fact that the Taliban used to murder and terrorize the populace, left and right...just for the fun of it.)

U.S. President Barack Obama apologized to the Afghan people for the "unintentional Koran burning" --no word as to when the Afghan folks are going to apologize for burning the U.S. flag (above)...

What's interesting is that this supposed charge of "desecration" -- if true -- is nothing compared to what some Muslims do to their "holy" book. Why, just late last year, it was reported that hundreds of holy Korans were tossed into a sewage ditch in Pakistan. A local man was trying to salvage the books. And as you'll see by the video, there are no crowds, mobs or protesters to complain about the treatment of their "holy" books.

From the video: A local Muslim takes the books home and purifies the pages with water but the horrible smell stays on the books for months.

I'll tell you what: the real stink isn't on the books that guy pulled out of the sewer...

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