Friday, February 3, 2012

So that's why Iran's nuke facilities keep blowing up


In the video clip below (a commercial for Samsung’s iPad-like tablet), a Mossad, agent is shown using his device while in Iran – a “strategic” area south of the capital. Following a brief chat about the features of the tablet with several Iranian “women” (actually men from an Israeli TV show), one of them presses on the tablet and accidentally blows up a nearby uranium enrichment plant.

As you can imagine, this leaves the real mullahs and Revolutionary Guard folks in Iran a tad unhappy. Perhaps it's because the incident - one not altogether uncommon recently - is portrayed as being kind of humorous.

“What? Another mysterious explosion in Iran?” one of the characters asks.

Obviously, it’s a nod to a series of recent sabotage efforts at some of Iran’s nuclear and military facilities. Tehran has blamed many of these explosions – as well as assassinations of key nuclear scientists and military leaders - on Israel, saying its nuclear program is being targeted. (Gee, ya think?)

Head of Majlis Energy Committee Arsalan Fat'hipour said the commercial was “insulting” because it suggested its rival was “powerful enough to easily destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities or assassinate the country’s nuclear scientists.” (Like that hasn’t already been happening…)

This bit of lightheartedness isn’t sitting well with Tehran’s lawmakers, including one who said the country’s parliament was considering cutting trade ties to Samsung. (Samsung issued a statement blaming the commercial on a cable operator in Israel.)

Keep up the good work, Mossad/Samsung/Israeli cable TV operator…

(Taken from a story in today’s Washington Post by Elizabeth Flock.)

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