Friday, April 15, 2011

He's just different...

From England's The Daily Mail: "Outspoken politician Dennis Kucinich is known for his anti-war views, veganism and statuesque British wife. But it appears the diminutive 64-year-old Ohio Congressman can add another even more bizarre string to his bow - he is also an accomplished ventriloquist. Appearing on Thursday's Daily Show, Kucinich demonstrated the bizarre talent in a mock interview." (See video below...)

The story goes on to explain that, "He has twice run for president, garnering little support and leaving him open to criticism that his candidacies were mere 'vanity' projects."

While the piece does a good job of explaining Kucinich's political career and, um, hobby, it neglects to mention his previous reports of an encounter with a UFO."

A UFO encounter would explain a lot about Kucinich and his, um, hobby...

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