Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Barack "Flip-Flop" Obama...

It's tough being a politician. Typically, if you're going to be effective, you have to compromise here and there to fulfill your promises and carry out an agenda.

There is, however, a term for those politicians who will do anything to grab and hold power (or to at least keep their heads above water): flip-flopper.

In a nice little article in the Telegraph-UK, our current Commander in Chief, Barack Hussein Obama, is taken to task for his blatant flip-floppery.

Making those flip-flops work for him...

1. Keeping Guantanamo Open

2. Bringing back military tribunals for terror suspects

3. Continuing renditions of terror suspects

4. Ordering military action in Libya without seeking Congressional authorization

5. Dropping Third Site missile defenses in order to appease the Russians

6. Letting Sudan off the hook for the Darfur genocide

7. Backing a federal Europe after defending national sovereignty

8. Pledging to restore America's standing in the world but lowering it instead

9. Dumping Mubarak in Egypt after calling him a "stalwart ally"

10. Killing the NASA manned space program

That's not all -- but it is enough....

Bonus: video flip-flop evidence...

More Obama flip-flops on display...

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