Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl drama

Late addition to The Bliss Index™: From the always enjoyable site, The People of WalMart. (From its Super Bowl edition...) - "No matter who wins the Super Bowl today, I would love to see this guy AFTER the game if this is what he is rocking beforehand. Enjoy the game (and commercials) everyone!"

The pre-pre-Super Bowl pre-show is now in its 27th hour.

You know that when the Saints made it, TV producers were just salivating...

"Hey, this'll be great - forget the Bourbon Street, creole cooking and jazz...just give me lots of tear-jerking post-Katrina stuff. Yeah, we'll talk about the devastation, the death...and how an NFL football team will make it all better. We'll play those heartstrings like BB King jamming on a solo. Make sure to add in there how Brad Pitt is somehow involved - I'll bet that'll get some ladies tuning in, too. Can anyone see if there's an Angelina Jolie/Jennifer Anniston angle here, too? Hey, I know we pretty much ignore New Orleans the rest of the year...except when Mardi Gras hits, but this is gold, baby. Gold. It's all about the drama...and celebs. Oh, and there's a football game?"

Gold, baby. Gold.

Who dat?

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