Monday, February 8, 2010

Oh, the weather outside is frightful...

Despite a record-setting winter storm hitting large portions of the nation, leaving urban and rural areas snowbound, and essentially closing Washington, D.C., our fellow citizens - and enemies - keep making news...

How my fellow San Francisco Bay Area folks are going the extra mile for the people of Haiti.

Iran is “da bomb”…well, almost.

Meanwhile, the mullahs are promising to punch us. No, really...that's what their big-wigs are saying.

If it weren't so terrifying, it would be a bad Woody Allen movie...

This is what happens when your PR office is buried under snow.

That's a lot of global warming piling up there...

Did you know that with the new 2010 budget, a whopping “42 cents out of every dollar the federal government spends will have to be borrowed?” The Chinese do – and that worries them. At least they're investing, right?

The White House on official photos it has in its Flickr photo pool: “Nope – not yours.” (If only there was a former law school lecturer hanging around there who could set the administration straight on the basics.

"I'm tired of all these photos..."

John Murtha (D-Pork) died today at the age of 77. Let it be said he never met an earmark he didn’t like.

Looks like Republicans aren’t the only ones who think Khalid Sheik Mohammed’s trial should be held somewhere besides the same town at 9-11’s Ground Zero. (It’s about time…)

And finally…remember kids – it’s never OK to waterboard suspected terrorists…but it is OK to blow them the #$@%! up.

It's more expensive than "enhanced interrogations," but the results are also more definitive...

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