Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The hits just keep coming...

Gut punches, cheap shots, roundhouses, uppercuts, jabs...what do these have to do with this edition of The Bliss Index™? Not much...but they do seem apropos...

Who said the public healthcare option was dead? “Alive! It’s alive! IT’S ALIVE!”

Speaking of healthcare reform…there appears to be a move afoot to make sure tort reform isn’t in the mix. Hmmmm, I wonder who’s pulling those strings?

Ouch! According to a “CNN poll: 52% say Obama doesn't deserve reelection in 2012.” (Some might argue he didn’t deserve election the first time around.)

A little unhappy with the news...

If the White House gets a copy of The Wall Street Journal, they’d be wise to read and learn from this absolutely spot-on piece.

Remember when the cry was, “No nukes!”…? My, how times have changed.

Funny...didn't most of these people play music and raise money for the Obama campaign?

February 17, 2009: A date that will live in infamy.

Add Stimulus: Yeah, it ain’t really working – well, a lot of people aren’t working.

Now playing at an assassination near you:You Don’t Mess With The Mossad.”

What looks like an ordinary couple on vacation is, in reality, part of a highly trained hit team about to exterminate vermin. (photo via BBC)

Finally, he’s right: “Nobody likes Chris Matthews.” (Heck, I don’t even think Matthews likes Matthews.)

Chris Matthews (bottom right), former speechwriter for Jimmy Carter...nuf said...

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