Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Here comes the boom? - Dear Mr. President and Vice President: Remember when you poo-poo'd Iran's nuclear build-up? Check out this nifty little graph --

Iran Nuclear

So what does it mean? It means, "Iranian scientists have run computer simulations for a nuclear weapon that would produce more than triple the explosive force of the World War II bomb that destroyed Hiroshima, according to a diagram obtained by The Associated Press." So, yeah...nothing to worry about here.

More great news from The Recovery! - "The median wealth of U.S. households is the lowest since 1969
New research found that while median wealth plummeted, the top 1 percent increased wealth by 71 percent."

Your tax dollars at work! - "Head of Fed Dept. Wasted Thousands in SUV Rental for Three Block Drive." Apparently, a big wig over at the Federal Maritime Commission spent more than $1,600 a month for a 2011 Chevy Tahoe, fully loaded with leather seats and GPS. The agency also spent up to $75 an hour for a staff member to drive the vehicle in the nation's capital -- to avoid a three block walk. (Video below.)

"California's economy remains shaky" -- Let's see...higher taxes, burdensome regulations, a lawsuit happy state...gee, ya think?

Fiscal "cliff" or "iceberg?"

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